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So who thinks to themselves, “When I grow up, I’m going to be a cleaning lady!”?

In 2004 my Pastor asked if I wanted to take over cleaning our church. The professional service was not living up to their own standards, their contract was up, and I was looking for supplemental income. I thought “Sure, why not!” So there I was, faced with cleaning about 15,000 square feet twice a month – 10 times bigger than my home! I brought my daughter along, and together she and I kept the building clean.

Soon folks noticed the improvement in the facility’s cleanliness, and began asking if I cleaned private residences. I said, “Sure, why not!” And there began my routine residential cleanings.

Then I received a call from a friend in the church who was the secretary for Warner Property Management. They were in their peak season for college rental turnovers, and their cleaning lady and her crew quit. Was I interested? “Sure, why not!” And that began my rental turnover cleanings.

I was then called upon by two contractors and a realtor in my church, which opened the door to post-construction cleaning and move in/move out cleanings.

Piece by piece the puzzle came together and my business was born.

Word of mouth grew my business, and that is exciting to me, knowing that my customers appreciate me enough to recommend me to others. It amazes me what fantastic clients I have. It is a pleasure not only to serve them, but also to get to know them. I glean something from each person, each family.

I believe that God gives me each job, each client, and each employee. Therefore my goal is to return that blessing to those I come in contact with.

So – no, I did not grow up thinking I would become a cleaning lady. Rather, the opportunity was given to me and I walked with it until I was ready to run. Years ago I never imagined being where I am now, but I really like it! I enjoy being with people, the sense of accomplishment from a job well done, and the challenge and rewards of running my own business.

-Jeannine McDonnell, Owner
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